Tricks and Tips for PAC-MAN Arcade Game

PAC-MAN is a Maze arcade game, initially developed by Namco in 1980. It was renamed from Japanese title of Puck Man for release for the International Users.  Due to its worldwide popularity, many of its versions with few little changes and improvements have been relaunched over years. Playing PAC-MAN  is easy to learn and hard to master (like all classic games). Simply score as many points as you can eating the small dots all around the maze. 10 points per dot (240 of them). Big points come when you eat 1 of the 4 Big flashing dots called Energizers worth 50 points located in each corner of the maze. You can gather possible 14,600 points for each level, and if you gobble up a few fruits you add to the level. The first fruit, the cherry, gives a small bonus of 100 points, progressing to higher levels like the Key level you can receive as high as 5000 points per fruit eaten. Once you eat an energizer, all the monsters in the maze turn blue and run away from you. At this point, you can eat the monsters for points effectively doubling the points from 200 to 1600 per monster you eat. The monsters will only stay blue for a limited time, or until you eat them all. PAC-MAN PATTERN THEORIES

In order to go though each level faster and faster, PAC-MAN Pattern theories are very common and popular. As per these theories, you must form logical and repeatable patterns and then follow these patterns with accuracy, the PAC-MAN will safely outwit the monsters and get a huge majority of the dots on the maze at the same time. Once you memorize the patterns, you’ll be able to relax and play just like a pro. Many people are even seen yawning during the first few levels. The toughest part about running patterns is the fact that you must move your PAC-MAN around following the precise pattern. There are three common Patterns i.e The Cherry Pattern, The Mid-Fruit Pattern, and The Apple Pattern

The Cherry Pattern

Now, I will inform you how to make a perfect Cherry Pattern in the following steps:-

  1. Start by going left.
  2. Make sure that you clear the entire bottom row of dots. You can stay out of the danger area if you do this quickly first. If you miss one dot and have to return it, will blow the entire pattern.
  3. Three monsters will be coming at you here. Don’t hesitate and make the pattern as quickly as possible.
  4. Here eat your Energizer, then kill the three monsters running from you. The fourth monster will be running toward the bottom screen. Chase him to kill for 1600 points while he’s still blue.
  5. Once you’ve reached this area, you’re on your own here. A few monsters will be following you at this point. Eat the top right energizer and kill the monsters. If the monsters stop following you and retreat, clear as many dots as possible on the top part of the screen and head for the energizer on the top left. The monsters will eventually close in, where you can eat the energizer and kill them.

The Mid-Fruit Pattern

Now, I will inform you how to make a perfect Mid-Fruit Pattern in the following steps:-

The pace picks up at bit here with the second mid fruit pattern. The first will have a strawberry: the second will have peaches. The monsters don’t stay blue as long as they did in the first pattern. Point values for eating fruits are going up. The tunnels become more effective as the speeds increase here. Start off going to the left again.

  1. Clear the bottom row of dots again, but this time retrace your steps on that bottom row.
  2. Again, turning this corner is critical. Do not hesitate. The monsters are charging faster than the first maze. If you’re slick, you’ll survive.
  3. Eat this energizer and kill the three monsters. One will try to escape though the tunnel, go get him before he goes into the tunnel. Then go to the bottom to get the forth monster for that 1600 points before they turn back from blue.
  4. Once here, you’re on your own once again. The strategy is similar again here. If the monster keeps after you, eat the top right energizer and kill them. If the monsters retreat, eat the dots on the top of the screen and make your way over to the top left.

The Apple Pattern

Now, I will enlighten you how to make a perfect Apple Pattern in the following steps:-

The Apple pattern is the third and final PAC-MAN pattern. If followed correctly, with hesitation, you’ll successfully gobble up most of the small dots on the screen before you eat any monsters or energizers. Play these corners to your own style, but keep in mind that the monsters only stay blue for a very limited time now. You might be able to only eat 1-2 before they turn back. Do not get too greedy on eating monsters, your bigger points will come from eating the 2 fruits per level that this pattern will let you get.

  1. Unlike the first two patterns, you clear only half the bottom row of dots and move upward first.
  2. At this point, you have already been through here, but guide your PAC-MAN down to the corner here, then double back. This is a decoy and will make the monsters slip right on by you. When the coast is clear, you resume the pattern.
  3. Two dots will remain here. Quickly, and we do mean quickly, snatch up these dots, reverse, and continue up. If you lagged previously in the plan, you may not be able to snatch up these dots. If you can do it, it will leave a nice clean maze.
  4. If a monster is charging you right at this point, hesitate, and let the monster go past under you. Follow the monster though the tunnel, but do not overtake him. If no monster is approaching, simply follow the plan.
  5. Go through the tunnel. At this point near 80% of the maze will be clear of dots. The only remaining dots will be conveniently around the energizers. Play each corner with your own style. Shake the joystick to lure the monsters into the energizer trap. Some screens during various levels keep the monsters blue for longer. Make sure you give yourself the time needed to eat the monsters while they’re still blue if you’re going after them.